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Leading manufactureres of paper cup machine for >20 years

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Innovative, Brand New, 100% Genuine Indian Paper Cup Machines, Manufactured for YOU.

one paper cup machine for all sizes of paper cups

550 ML, 450 ML, 350 ML, 300 ML, 270 ML, 250 ML, 230 ML, 200 ML, 170 ML, 150 ML, 120 ML, 100 ML and custom sized paper cup moulds per your requirement.

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One Machine Many Moulds, Multiple Business Opportunites for YOU.

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long lasting, lowest maintenance

Our indigineous paper cup machine manufacturing techniques guarantee complete Return On Investment.

Least Maintenance Even After Years of Service.

first time entrepreneur?

Welcome to the club of our first time paper cup business owner. We know entreprenueurship is pain, but it is all worth taking with right guidance. Many of our paper cup machine buyers are first time business owners, From buying paper / blanks to transporting ready cups to dealer / retailer... we are here to guide you through out the process.

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We are with you through-out.

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We are based in Hyderabad
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Fully Automatic

Runs a whole procedure of paper-feeding, cup-fan-wall sealing, oiling, bottom-punching, heating, rolling, rimming, rounding and tripping.

Return On Investment

Our paper cup making machines function in a highly cost effective manner and consume less power. Paper cups can be manufactured in majority quantities using these machines.

Family Owned

Bharat Machinery has been around for over 20 long years, Starting injection moulding till the days of thermo forming we have been empowering business, we are here to stay.

Brand New & Indigenious

Right from the base bars for the paper cup making machine ( single PE coated paper cup forming machine )... till the precise precissioned heat warming and bottom-punching...

We manufacture everything in our own fabrication unit at our own premise... Each of our paper cup making machine... is hand built (yeah, just like royal enfield :)), tested at our own paper cup making plant under trail run before it gets shipped to our customers. Our own

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We are in business with you

Entrepreneurship is mechanism not only to find self employment but to create employment for others too... but it is not easy to be being business person, starting from capital investment, recurring expenditure and Return On Investment... Every single detail needs atmost attention.

Owning a paper / disposable cup business needs handsome understanding on purchasing the raw material (paper / blanks), producing paper cups, machinery operation & maintenance, selling the paper cups to dealers / retailers.

One side you need to setup the business and other side you need to deal with overall process. We stand by your side through out this process and guide you with our vast 20 years of expertise in paper cup / disposable cup manufacturing industry.

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The Best Team in the Paper Cup Making Machines World

N . Venkat Reddy

CEO and Head of Design

N. Komali Kumari

Director Operations

Mulleti Om Narayana

Manager Operations

RHM Koti Reddy . S


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